This is the play area "the big baby brands" don't want you to know about! PlayCloud is an innovative play area for babies, toddlers and children of all ages.

The hexagonal shape and overall quality and design of the PlayCloud, makes it blend in with any type of furniture. The fabric is a mix of organic cotton and linen, which gives it an earthy yet exclusive look.

PlayCloud Baby Playpen

How can I buy the PlayCloud?

You can buy the PlayCloud through! The PlayCloud will be launched on this fall, where you can pre-order it, at a much lower cost than the future retail price. is the world’s largest crowd-funding platform and is the ‘go-to’ place for people to get together and raise money for projects and ideas. It allows for the inventors of innovative products, like the PlayCloud, to raise the funds needed to start full scale production. (Our Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for 2018).

Since Kickstarter began in 2009, millions of people have come together using the Kickstarter platform to support creative projects. It’s proven to be a great way to connect with people, raise awareness, get feedback and raise the last bit of funding needed.

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Available in 5 colors, and two sizes

Based on the feedback we have received from YOU, our future potential customers, we have updated and expanded the selection of colors to include the following 5 contenders, beige, medium gray, light gray, dark blue and light blue. (The final colors being offered are yet to be decided.) The largest version has a diameter of 70 inches (180cm), and the slightly smaller version is 60 inches (150cm).


Our Story

How the PlayCloud was born.

Hello, I am David, the founder of PlayCloud.

This project started a little over a year ago when my wife and I were expecting our second child, a baby girl. While preparing for the arrival of our baby, I was in the basement looking for the crib we had used for our first child, and came across the hard, bulky, plastic play area we had used for him. At the same time, I noticed the inflatable pool in the garage. Then it struck me, there must be some way to combine the softness and space saving features of an inflatable pool, with the look and feel of a cozy piece of furniture. This led me to start the development of what is now called the PlayCloud.

My wife loves home decorating, so I put her in charge of the fabric and design. We both wanted the PlayCloud to be esthetically pleasing where it would blend in well in the living room, without being an eye sore.The hexagonal shape and overall quality and design of the PlayCloud, makes it blend in with any type of furniture. The fabric itself is a very rich looking blend of organic cotton and linen which gives it an earthy yet exclusive look.

Once we had a working prototype we showed it to our friends and family who all really liked it. Their input has been used to improve the design and functionality even further.

My team and I have spent a lot of time and effort learning about the best and safest materials for inflatable products, and we have become well versed on different kinds of plastics. I do not want anything harmful for my children, like toxic PVC/vinyl for example, which is the most commonly used material for inflatable products today. Therefore, we were excited to discover a plastic called TPU, which fulfills all our requirements, although is quite expensive. TPU is widely used in the medical industry for oxygen masks, catheters, etc., and is bio-degradable, odorless, and non-toxic to humans. It is also very durable and tough.

At this time, we have made a limited number of samples of the PlayCloud, in order to thoroughly test it. It has been fun to see both children and parents alike, really appreciate the product and love playing in it.

I hope you are as excited about the product as we are!!


Product features

This is what makes the PlayCloud truly innovative!

Suitable for all ages

Suitable for babies, toddlers, and children of all ages. Even adults can fit in the PlayCloud!

Soft and cozy

Air filled walls, covered in a rich soft organic cotton and linen mix. Soft, protective mat on the bottom to sit on. No hard parts anywhere.

Blends in

The hexagonal shape and the overall quality and design of the PlayCloud makes it blend in with any type of furniture. The fabric is a mix of organic cotton and linen, which gives it an earthy yet exclusive look.


The PlayCloud is very soft, while at the same time being sturdy, where a kid can sit on the wall, for example.

Quick assembly

The air valves are large which allows the PlayCloud to be deflated and inflated in a few seconds. A simple click on the air valve releases all the air, without a need to unscrew or pull out the valve. The air pump included makes inflation easy.

Stow it away

A storage bag is included to easily stow it away when not needed.

Drag and drop

Easily drag the PlayCloud between areas. For example, you can use it for the kids in the living room, and then simply pull it into the kitchen to keep track of the kids while cooking.

Wash it

Yes kids are messy, luckily the fabric cover is washable in cold water (30 degrees Celsius). The cover is pre-washed, which eliminates shrinking.

Safe materials

The inflatable part is made out of TPU (Thermo Plastic Polyurethane), which is a non-toxic, odorless and bio degradable plastic. The toxic PVC (vinyl) is NOT used. TPU contains no Phthalate or other plasticizers. TPU is a very durable and tough material that will withstand years of use.

The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few examples of how to use the PlayCloud.


Read books in a soft and snuggly cloud. Watch out, you might fall asleep!

Baby play area

As a baby play area, where your baby can stand, crawl and play around with nothing but softness around it.

Ball pit

Fill the PlayCloud with balls to make it into a ball pit.

Lego building

Use it as a Lego building area for older kids, while protecting smaller kids, keeping them safe from small Lego pieces.

Get techy

Watch TV, the iPad and other media in a soft and cozy place.

Use your imagination

Play with cars, dolls, etc. Or just take a well deserved nap..ZZzzzzz…


In short, what is the PlayCloud?

The PlayCloud is a portable play area that blends in well with your home décor without being an eye sore. It has the look and feel of a cozy piece of furniture. It has a removable and washable cover made out of a premium cotton and linen mixed fabric. The base is inflatable and is made of TPU which is non-toxic, odor free, biodegradable and very durable. There is a foam mat on the bottom to make it comfortable and soft.

Where can I buy the PlayCloud, and when will it be available?

You will be able to buy the PlayCloud on which is a crowd-funding platform, please read more details here! If all goes well with the Kickstarter campaign, the plan is to sell the PlayCloud through other sales channels.

How much is shipping and will shipping be worldwide?

We will be shipping worldwide but may have a few exceptions. We are still investigating the best shipment options, and do not have the shipping cost fully calculated yet. The plan is to utilize local warehouses in major markets  in order to make shipping costs as low as possible for our customers.

What is the cost of the PlayCloud?

We are still negotiating with suppliers and factories in order to make the PlayCloud as affordable as possible while maintaining premium quality at the same time. As soon as we have prices set, we will publish them on this website. The PlayCloud is a premium product made of high quality materials that will be usable for many years to come. It can be compared to a piece of furniture for your home.

What ages are suitable for the PlayCloud?

The PlayCloud is suitable for all ages, from babies using it as a soft area to play in, to toddlers playing with toys, to older kids watching movies, ipads, etc. See and read more examples on our main page.

Is the cover fabric washable, stain resistant, and easy to take off and on?

Yes, the cover is washable on a cold setting (30 degrees Celsius) and then should be hung to dry. We have washed it many times with a spin cycle of 1200 rpm which makes it damp and not wet and thus more suitable to hang to dry. You can of course iron it if you would like, but it is not necessary unless you want the fabric to look very smooth. The stain resistance is similar to other cotton and linen mix fabrics. The cover only takes a few minutes to take off and on.

Are pillows/toys included?

No toys or pillows are included, however accessories will probably be available for purchase in the future.

How robust is the PlayCloud?

The PlayCloud is very robust and stable. When properly inflated, a child can easily sit on the side walls without it collapsing. It also supports an adult leaning and lounging back against the wall of the PlayCloud.

How portable is it?

The PlayCloud is very portable. In a few minutes you are able to deflate it and place it in the included storage bag for transportation or storage. The assembly only takes a few minutes with the help of the included electric air pump.

Is the PlayCloud durable?

Yes, the PlayCloud is very durable. The inflatable base is made of TPU which is a lot more durable than PVC, for example. The fabric cover is made of a thick cotton/linen blend that is durable, wears well and protects the base.

Are there any sharp objects that can penetrate the PlayCloud and potentially puncture it?

It is correct that TPU is very durable, and can withstand wear and tear for years, but even the most durable inflatables can be punctured with a sharp tool and enough force, however, even if punctured, it will never”pop”. Since it is a kid’s product we recommend that no sharp objects are used when playing in it.

Can the PlayCloud be used instead of a crib?

The PlayCloud is not intended to be a substitute for a crib, instead the idea is that you can entertain your child in the PlayCloud while still being supervised.

Can I leave my baby unattended in the PlayCloud?

We do not recommend small children to be left unattended since there is always a risk of something happening no matter where they are at. Always use your discretion and never leave anything in the PlayCloud that could interfere with the child’s breathing.

Can the PlayCloud be used outside?

The PlayCloud is not intended to be used outside, but can of course be used at your own discretion.