What is Kickstarter?

From the feedback we’ve received as of late, we want to shed some light on what Kickstarter is, how it works, and how you can purchase the PlayCloud.


Kickstarter is a worldwide crowdfunding platform, based in the United States. The stated goal of the Kickstarter platform is to help bring creative projects, like the PlayCloud, to life.


People or startups with products that are ready to be manufactured, look to Kickstarter as a way to generate the money needed, to get their product off the ground and out to the public.


The PlayCloud is ready and waiting for initial units to be manufactured, BUT the funds to manufacture larger quantities are lacking. However, this is where Kickstarter comes in! By pre-ordering the PlayCloud on Kickstarter, you are allowing us to begin manufacturing earlier and get the product to you as soon as possible.


To show our appreciation for your support, there will be the opportunity to purchase the PlayCloud at a much lower cost than the future retail price. (Please Note: The PlayCloud is not yet available on Kickstarter; we will notify everyone who is on our email list once we know the exact date of the launch. We are aiming to launch the product this fall.
You can signup using the form on our homepage)


It’s important to remember that NO money will change hands until we meet our funding target. Kickstarter guarantees a safe platform for the purchase transaction. If our target isn’t met, then you DO NOT pay for anything, and the PlayCloud will not be manufactured.


We have worked tirelessly the past year to design and create the PlayCloud, and NOW we need your support to be able to start production!


With your support, you could be one of the first in the world to receive the PlayCloud. There will be a limited number of “super early bird”, and “early bird” discounts, with up to $100 off the retail price, so be early to act!


If you want to know more about Kickstarter, please visit their official homepage.


Thank you and we look forward to your support!
David and the PlayCloud Team